Why I think Regina is Amazing!

I feel that the character development for Regina has been amazing and I love seeing how diverse she can be as an actress. I have noticed that many people seem to say she is victimizing but I respectfully disagree. She has had an extremely troubled past and although her hatred of Snow may seem wrong she was traumatized as a result of trusting Snow and yes snow was too young to understand but love makes people go crazy especially when it is taken away from you. Her love for Henry is amazing and true. It shows you that although vengeance is important to her Henry always comes first.

¬†I hated Regina in season one and thought that there was no way I would ever side with her but I think Henry is a very ungrateful child. She may not be perfect but she raised him and loved him. I think that she could easily kill Emma now that there is magic in Storybrook but she doesn’t because she knows Henry would never forgive her. So I think that Regina is an amazing woman and hope that she can one day split Henry with Emma and maybe even teach Henry magic in a positive way to defend himself.

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